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In all my years at sea and beyond I have never had the opportunity to visit the Mediterranean, that is until I joined the Voyager of the Seas. The Voyager is an 'Eagle' class vessel and weighs in the neighborhood of 139K ton. Smaller than the Freedom but still gargantuan. The layout is practically identical to that of the Explorer and the Adventure. If you want to know more about the stats then please visit the Explorer page. 

I flew from Miami on a Friday afternoon arriving in Frankfurt at 7 the following morning. I had an hour to find my connecting gate, and flew two more hours to Barcelona. I was completely exhausted having been awake nearly 30 hours. 


The recent past Voyager would home port in Galveston, Texas. Many new builds have since been placed into service and now the Voyager sails from Sydney, Australia.

Of all the vessels I've boarded in my career I do believe that Voyager is the most generally attractive. It was the first in a series of five vessels that include the Explorer, the Navigator, the Mariner and the Adventure of the Seas. It's almost as if all the available creative energy poured into this ship and the designers were not able to out do themselves. The other vessels I mention are all very beautifully appointed though I think that Voyager has snatched away the crown. As with most RCL vessels, the crew is absolutely magnificent. 

As I mentioned before the Voyager is likely one of the more attractive ships I've encountered. Click on the camera to view a gallery of images I've assembled featuring the ships interior.

Modest panoramas of cruise destinations are posted on You Tube and can be viewed by selecting the related image on the right.


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