'Dress Up Your Desktop With Tropical Pictures And Sounds!'

Tired of the war? Tired of gas prices? Tired of traffic? Tired of your job? Tired of the pounding music? I can't listen to rap because I don't want anyone talkin' to me all the time


Tropic Adventures!' works with the browser of your Windows PC and without additional software.* You can surf 'Tropic Adventures!' as any web page! These discs perform in your home stereo and computer. 

Destinations are presented in slideshows or thumbnail  galleries. Historical background information for each destination is included. Read it yourself or choose to hear the text read aloud.

There's More! All Photos are sized at 800 x 600. Place the same disc into your home stereo CD player and enjoy ambient sounds of nature! 

Browse around and see for yourself!

*May not function properly in a Macintosh Operating System.

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