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             Your 'Tropic Adventures!' Shopping List

                                    All prices include shipping.


Please send me the following items:


      ITEM                                                    PRICE                QUANTITY              TOTAL


Miami Metrozoo and South Beach              $10.00 ea                _______                    _______

(Volume Two)


Nassau, Coco Cay and Key West               $10.00 ea               _______                    _______

(Volume One)


‘Tropic Adventures!' Mugs                          $10.00 pr                _______                    _______



TOTALS                                                              _______                    _______



      Make check or money order payable to One Busy Guy


Your Contact Information:   Please ship to the following address:


Name __________________________________________________


Address ________________________________________________


City _____________________  State ______________  Zip ______



Mail your order to:


One Busy Guy

PO Box 172782

Miami, Florida 33017