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1.) Tell me about system requirements?

2.) Is 'Tropic Adventures!' a DVD?

3.) Can I use my 'Tropic Adventures!' disc with a  Macintosh OS.

4.) How do I place an image onto my desktop?

5.) The Quicktime player takes over my screen?

6.) My CD doesn't open my browser?

7.) Why do the audio histories keep repeating?

8.) Are you using Microsoft Windows Service Pack 2?


Tell me about system requirements:

New computers are always best. 'Tropic Adventures!' discs are packed with information and so operate best on newer machines. Information pages, image and audio files are huge and require  the full capacity of your computer. Minimum requirements include: 

 - Windows 98, ME, 2000, or XP

 - 500 megahertz processor

 - minimum 128 megs of ram (256 is best)

 - Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.0 or greater

 - Windows Media Player 7.0 or greater

 - 24X CD Rom Disc Drive


Is 'Tropic Adventures!' a DVD?

No. 'Tropic Adventures!' is a web site on CD. Images on your disc will not display when placed into your DVD player. You will be able to enjoy the CD audio files. Each disc contains 2 audio tracks of ambient nature sounds totaling 40 to 60 minutes for your home stereo.


Can I use my 'Tropic Adventures!' disc with a Macintosh OS?

Yes. It will not 'autorun'. 'Tropic Adventures!' was designed for use with PC compatible software. The 'autorun' feature cannot connect with the Macintosh browser. You must 'explore' the disc and scroll to 'Enter' or 'Start' then double click. If your Macintosh computer has the minimum requirements as stated above then you're in good shape.


How do I place an image onto my desktop?

It's easy! It's much easier to do if the images are not scrolling. Use the 'Gallery' pages whenever possible for this task. Right click on an image of your choice. When the menu appears select 'Set as Desktop Background'. When you close the browser you'll see the image behind your icons. It's better not to select  'Save image as' because that would store the image on your computer. You already own the disc so it's always available! This way you'll save space on your hard drive.


The Quicktime player takes over my screen?

Windows XP was created during litigation over Microsoft's monopoly. 'Quicktime' is a Macintosh program and appears as the default player on the original Windows system discs. The 'Quicktime' player takes over the screen when it appears eliminating any images, Windows Media Player does not. The 'Tropic Adventures!' disc is designed for use with Windows Media Player. It is best if you designate Windows Media Player as the default. It is probably located on the C Drive waiting to be installed. Windows Media Player is configurable and can be minimized at your discretion. The media player is also available at the Microsoft Update website. Once the item is installed make it the default player for your system using the player preference tabs.


My CD doesn't open my browser automatically?

Sometimes a browser is configured in such a way that it won't allow the 'autorun' utility to operate. If this happens you can right click on the icon for your disc drive and select 'autoplay'. You can also right click and select 'Explore'. Scroll down to the 'Enter' or 'Start' page and double click it. 


Why do the audio histories keep repeating?

Remember your computer's media player has settings just like your home stereo CD player!. If your media player is set to repeat it will do so until it is closed. The media player appears in the taskbar at screen bottom while in operation. To stop playback right click on the media player icon and select 'close'. Before using the player you can also visit the properties tab on the media player itself and de-select 'repeat'.


About Windows XP Service Pack 2.

Service Pack 2 for Windows XP from Microsoft contains a number of new security features. The new features are often inconvenient. The pop-up blocker interferes with a number of animations. The new features may interfere with the auto run function. Media Player 10 is less convenient than preceding versions and your disk works best with version  9. Windows XP Pro updates automatically and may offer you no options.  


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