From One Busy Guy...

Happy Saint Patrick's Day!

On St. Patty's Day everyone does a Hillary Clinton...we're all Irish! I have a pair of really ugly bright green pants I wear on this day. So ugly in fact that most people would only wear them when golfing...  I put on my large green derby, and my pin that says 'kiss me I'm Irish' and go out looking for some Celtic affection. Of course, no self respecting Irish babe would find this at all appealing!

The actual St Patrick was born into slavery around AD 420 inspiring the only national holiday to be widely celebrated outside the country of origin. He was ordained Bishop by Pope Celestine I and eventually went on to convert the Druids to Christianity before he himself passed on in AD 493 (age 73). He is generally credited with having driven all the snakes from Ireland and into the sea. This would have made Ireland the choice vacation spot for Crocodile Hunter 'Steve Irwin' since he would have had nothing to do! Of course, no one ever noticed if there were snakes in Ireland to begin with since it's pretty cold.

The shamrock was also a popular symbol in Iran as well, its' three sides symbolizing the Holy Trinity. Curiously, this modest 'wearin' o' the green' is far more popular in Ireland than my gaudy bright pants.

Leprechauns are ill-tempered cobblers to the fairies and sprites of the spirit realm. I think they're ill-tempered because female leprechauns do not exist! They live in the wood and smoke foul smelling pipes called 'dudeens'.  They alone remember where the great treasures were hidden when the Danes invaded long ago. It's said that if a mortal catch a Leprechaun and sternly demands to know the whereabouts of a certain pot of gold, the secret will be revealed. We do have one thing in common... we both love beer!

Erin Go Bragh!