This festive observance is likely to be the best remembered wedding ceremony in all of history! Beer drinkers around the globe are grateful for the innovation and celebration associated with this date in the early fall. Even a good many Americans can be found in the wearing of lederhosen!*

A great ball was held just outside the City gates of Munich. It was 1810 and Ludwig I of Bavaria was about to wed Therese of Saxonia.  In time the very meadow where the initial festivities are held is named for the bride to be (Meadow of Therese).  There was a horse race. There was feasting of no less than five days. The festivities rather snowballed into a cultural recognition. Eventually came the judging of livestock and agricultural prizes are awarded. Booths are built in the style of Alpine cottages and soon the judging of different brews is begun. Well endowed maidens serve exotic steins filled to overflowing.

Beer is a traditional preference around the world. It may have originated in Germany but we Americans love it big time! Each October we celebrate with the same vigor. Of course the horse racing and livestock judging has faded away but the taste for exotic brews lives on.

                         Steve D


*leather shorts worn with suspenders

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