Happy Mother's Day!


For so many this is the most important day of the year. It is the day on which we gratefully honor that person most responsible for bringing us into the world. More flowers, dinners and phone calls are exchanged on this day than on any other date. Anna Jarvis who is the person most credited for this day of recognition might be very annoyed with such a high level of commerce. She envisioned a day of quiet and intimate family reflection.

Celebrations of Mother date back to the Greeks and their festival of Rhea (she was the wife of Cronus and mother of numerous lesser deities). It wasn't until Christianity flourished in England that ecclesiastical proclamation expanded this day as 'mothering Sunday' to honor all mothers. Julia Ward Howe suggested as early as 1872 that the United States should celebrate this as well though it wasn't until the early 1900's that Americans began recognition in earnest.


This lovely white carnation is the official flower of motherhood. It is a symbol of purity. A bill submitted to the legislature on May 7, 1914 recommended to President Wilson that the 2nd Sunday in May be designated for the 'official expression of loving reverence to all mothers'. So it was that on May 14th, 1914 the first Mother's Day was observed. In 1934 the US Postal Service, by way of recognition, issued a three cent stamp depicting Whistler's Mother.

I guess if the Post Office can do it anyone can and so a day of loving respect has become a day of unparalleled commercial activity. All that matters is that we give credit where it is due. Most mothers I've met are happy just to have their kids pick up after themselves! It is a good time for us to remedy all the often inadvertent little heartbreaks Mom is subject to by showing our true feelings.

Happy Mother's Day Mom!