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UFO's. Unidentified Flying Objects. Alien Spacecraft. Flying Saucers.


A strange and fuzzy glimpse of lights in the night sky. Pilots spot erratic movements of unfamiliar aircraft. Alien abductions. Crop circles. Cattle mutilations.


The mystery of extraterrestrial visitors has invoked our imaginations and suspicions throughout the long memory of humanity. Just as the ill-fated Russian Officer Spalco in the recent Indiana Jones film 'Kingdom of the Crystal Skull'; 'we want to know everything'!


Media has long featured our curiosity on display. On October 30th, 1938 a radio broadcast so realistic that it was to frighten and persuade an assortment of the American listening public that the Earth was indeed under attack from an invading horde of Martians. A kind of panic erupted. Films have been attempting to elicit our fears ever since. It's box office gold and a small screen bonanza! Not even the crop of Vampire treatises can still our appetite for all things alien.


Mulder and Scully immersed our interest in their relentless pursuit: "I Want to Believe". The small screen has delivered 'Star Trek', 'Babylon 5', 'Earth 2', 'Buck Rogers', 'Stargate', 'Battlestar Galactica', 'Third Rock from the Sun', 'Lost in Space', 'Superman' and dozens more serialized depictions of interstellar life. 'The Star Wars Saga', 'Independence Day', 'Avatar', 'Day of the Triffids', 'War of the Worlds', 'ET: The Extraterrestrial', 'Contact', 'Men in Black', '2001: A Space Odyssey' and 'Close Encounters of the Third Kind' (among many other titles) continue to prove that our fondness for possibilities is truly insatiable. We may forget how pervasive UFO phenomena has become in all forms of media. The night time broadcast of the 'Coast to Coast' radio show, once hosted by Art Bell, is a veritable testimony to alien existence. The show features callers who have personally experienced alien abduction and can verify the presence of an alien standing at the foot of their bed! I have always felt it coincidental that aliens seem to perform the same probing and experimentation on abductees that humans do to other life forms here on Earth.


In the early days of television the network chiefs were desperate to avert controversy. There were things that you just could not address in media like prejudice and discrimination and race relations. The networks felt it would be like plucking a raw nerve and perhaps rightly so given the fractious temperaments of the day. Eventually writers discovered a whole new playing field for these topics. You could portray these sensitive issues in science fiction because they existed on other worlds... not Planet Earth. Gene Roddenberry (Creator of Star Trek) is famous for remarking that everything they wrote went right over the sensors heads, but the 13 and 14 year olds got it! By the way, it was Roddenberry who directed his chief model maker to create a ship that was neither a rocket nor a flying saucer. And so the iconic starship 'Enterprise' is a combination of the two.


Governments offer lame explanations about observed phenomena that are routinely dismissed. Swamp gas and weather balloons are the usual foils. It's a lot easier to believe in the compelling analysis of author Erich von Daniken and his assessment of lines carved into the Nasca plains of Peru in the film 'Chariots of the Gods'. The film even depicts paintings on cave walls that resemble alien space craft and primitively carved objects that are similar to airplanes.


Moreover there is a certain positive element to our fascination with UFO's. For one thing we enjoy continued success in the Space Race. We can now place machines on the surface of Mars that speak to us in data streams. We have unmanned drone reconnaissance aircraft that can spy on you or drop a bomb on your head! If these things can be done by humans then why not by aliens who have yet to be revealed? Can you imagine some Martian watching the night sky as yet another Earth rover is deployed?


If aliens do in fact travel between and among us they are certainly very crafty about it. Only one location in New Mexico seems to have the lore to support a downed alien space craft. The wreckage was subsequently relocated to 'Area 51' and has become the holy ground of alien conspiracy theorists. The dynamics of space travel are daunting to say the least. Today's space craft are far too slow to reach another celestial body while bearing a human. Humans need to eat and drink and to sleep and to breathe and all of that makes for one bulky ship! Besides, we just don't live long enough. If somehow an alien race has indeed conquered this bit of nuisance then they must be either very advanced or very differently constructed than we mortals.


It is curious that so many testimonials describing the look of extraterrestrials seem to be in accord. Some devotees even ascribe classes and varieties of alien culture (the reptilians, the grays etc.). Some even purport that alien visitors were a race of giants!


Events in outer space, we are told, have led to multiple mass extinctions here on Earth and to the eventual annihilation of Dinosauria. Of course scientists now believe that Dinosaurs continue to live among us in the more than 8000 species of birds. Very recently a meteor impact on the Soviet continent damaged some (3000) buildings and sent dozens to the hospital. And, we are told, this had nothing to do with a 150 foot (10 ton) asteroid that came within 17K miles of Earth at the same time and well within the geosynchronous orbit of communication satellites.


It's certainly true that Planet Earth is a real catch in planetary terms... at least for we earthlings. Earth is the veritable bowl of porridge that is just right; not too hot and not too cold. This Blue Planet is conveniently suspended between the bastions of fire and ice that are the other luminaries revolving around our sun. Although science has identified a number of earth type planets using telescopes they all appear to be an insurmountable distance away.


I tend to agree with the character portrayed by Jody Foster in the movie 'Contact'. She is permitted a bit of conjecture: "... man kind cannot be the only intelligent life in the universe because it would be a terrible waste of space".

Klaatu Borada Nicto!


Production Note: Special Thanks to Star Trek: TOS for the Alien Planet Sound Effect (Track #37).