Flyers Old and New



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  The Now Old 2015 Mailer




This was a test. A two sided brochure that comes two on a sheet and sheared in half..

  The New 2010 Mailer



Another year another new brochure. This one is two sided and folds into thirds for mailing. Not bad.

Andros Isle Spring Fling


Meryl and I had a great time with the delightful Andros Isle Social Club! It was part show time and part dance set. We packed an awful lot of fun into 90 minutes and without a single complaint.


 The Fish House on Tamiami Trail


At one time the Fish Houses were packed with nightly entertainment. It was a great community of performers with whom I was proud to be associated.


The New Promo Flyer


It's a never ending pursuit! Conjure, collect, render, duplicate, mail and repeat. It's very difficult to keep your demo materials up to speed as your act constantly expands and improves.

The Previous Promo Brochure


See what I mean? This one is from 2006.